Brian Hunton

Why Work with Brian Hunton?

1. Value for the client

  • Face to face appointments, client’s home an option
  • No application or consultation fees
  • Continuous lending products education
  • Credit counseling for every client whether closing a loan or not
  • Education on loan products so that customer can make a choice they feel is best for them
  • With Brian the customer has a consultant, information resource, friend and trustworthy advisor

2. Products and services

  • Conventional and Commercial loans
  • Government products (Federal Housing Administration and Veteran’s Administration)
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • No down payment loans through the USDA
  • Mass Housing
  • Streamline 203K rehabilitation loans
  • Loans written through MBA Mortgage

3.  Credentials: Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

  • Live within the community
  • Active with several non-profit organizations including Rotary International, as well as, the Wachusett and North Quabbin Chambers of Commerce.  Area board member for the Department of Children and Families
  • Full time professional with extensive advising and product training
  • Accepts the challenge of finding a loan for every need
  • Nationally certified reverse mortgage specialist
  • One of the less than two percent of the mortgage originators in the United States to pass the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist program
  • Licensed with State of Massachusetts
  • Industry knowledge, product knowledge, customer knowledge, desire to serve, timeliness, and overall understanding of how the client can best utilize our products & services

4. Benefits with a partnership

  • Weekly updates for real estate brokers
  • Attend all closings
  • Full time office assistant to keep making progress during times when  Brian is engaged with other customers
  • Realistic pre-approvals,  not simply a number to satisfy the customer
  • Regular communication keeps everyone on course for quicker more efficient closings


Brian Hunton
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
Reverse Mortgage Specialist
Office – (978) 575-3053
Cell – (508) 395-5739