Short Sale

Only a Speed Bump not a Road Block!

Many people find themselves in financial trouble and can no longer afford to pay their mortgage. One solution is the short sale. A short sale is selling the house for less than what you owe on it, if the mortgage lender agrees to let you do this. Sometimes the lender will agree to a short sale in order to avoid having an expensive foreclosure on its hands. Using a real estate agent in a short sale will gain you the most favorable terms for selling your own house. Our agents will deal directly with you, your attorney, and your bank to help relieve the burden of dealing directly with your mortgage holder.
Our agents fully understand the short sale process. We know what documentation the lender will want and when. Our team understands deficiency laws in our state and the tax ramifications of a selling a home short of the current mortgaged amount. We also understand the foreclosure process and timelines. In many instances, our agents have been able to help negotiate moving incentives with your lien holder, so that you can leave the closing with some money to help with your family’s fresh start.
Ask yourself:

  • Do you have many hours available to spend sitting on the phone with your lender, access to a fax and scanner to send and upload documents repeatedly?
  • Do you truly have the skill and ability to negotiate the best terms for your short sale? How many times have you done this before?
  • What will happen if you:

    • Lose the buyer?
    • Are forced to choose Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) or a traditional short sale?
    • Your home appraises too high?
    • Get denied for the short sale?
    • Inch closer to foreclosure?
    • Are asked for a promissory note or a cash contribution?
  • Did you know that in a short sale the lender covers your closing costs, including the commissions of an experienced successful short sale Realtor to work on your behalf? That you could have a professional handle this entire situation and negotiate with the bank, likely at NO COST TO YOU? Would that make you reconsider the do it yourself approach?

Our agents will encourage you to see this as an opportunity to create a new beginning for you and your family. A short sale is simply a speed bump, not a road block, in all that life has to offer. Hometown Realtors has helped homeowners across the North Quabbin negotiate successful short sales on their properties, so that they can concentrate on the more important things in life, such as creating a fresh start for themselves and their families.  Let us help you!!!

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